1 Family Bible Blackwell Family Bible Digital Copies in posession of L. Bolling & Mary Lou Adkins Hagen Clara Garrett Fountain Danville, Virginia October 2003 Range of dates is 1809 to 1943.

2 Alvah was 5' 6'' ... see & for comments about height of family members.

3 Census 1910 Pennsylvania Census Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Ward 3, ED# 24, page 26A 1910 April 19 Microfilm/Web also at image 4 of 34 Cumberland Co. Historical Society/ July 27, 2000.

4 had stepped on a nail at Falling Creek, was in the hospital when a nurse dropped him. He died from complications from the fall.

5 3101 Nine Mile Rd.

6 A. L. Williamson, minister (Mary Lou Hagen Taylor tells me there is a Hagen Family Bible.)

7 Edwin II was 5' 4'' The 1920 Va. census lists Edward W. Hagen. An Edwin W. Hagen (19) is also listed in Norfolk, Va. at the U. S. Naval Supply Base but he lists his parents from England.

8 Mary Louise Hagen Taylor sent to Bo Hagen in October 1999 family information regarding the Hagen family ancestors of Edwin Walter Hagen II. Mary Lou indicates Edwin Waters (b 1854) was his real name. Edwin Waters is the name listed on burial papers at.

9 Edwin I was 6' 3'' married to 5' 0'' Margaret Ann Pearson ...

10 CD ROM World Family Tree 3 V703_01 Bo(lling) Hagen using Family Tree Maker Software using ancestry of Edward Waters Hagen Broderbund Software, 1996 I (Bo Hagen) believe the Waters name is a mistaken note due to the fact that Edwin lived for a time.

11 Vital Record Death Certificate, Edwin Waters Hagen.

12 married at Liberty Spring Christian Church by Rev. Harrison H. Butler.

13 Everyone pronounced his named Eley or Elee, but, according to his daughter Emily, he spelled it Eli. 41st Va. Inf., Co. K - South Quay Guards Enlisted 8/1862.

14 E-Mail Message Joyce Whitehead <> Daughtrey Notes for Isle of Wight 1999.

15 also occasionally listed as Julianna.

16 Will Will Book 30 page 247 Isle of Wight Co., Va. Va. State Library.

17 Notes written by Emily Christine Daughtrey, great grand daughter of Richard Daughtrey: Richard Daughtrey and his two brothers came over from England before the Revolutionary War. His brother, Edward, fought in the Revolutionary War and also in the war.

18 living 1810.

19 Will Will of Richard Daughtrey Isle of Wight Will Book 12 (1804-1808), Pg 16, 17. copy sent to me by Nita Rawls Watterson, May 6, 2004 Isle of Wight Court House, Isle of Wight Co., Va.

20 Vital Record Certificate of Death for Robert Rawls Dec 15, 1920 Southampton Co., Town of Franklin, Va. 30059 Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health.

21 lived in Nansemond Co, VA as a farmer: 1850 Va Census.

22 no brothers nor sisters.

23 Special Research King-Porter-Rawls, Records for Mrs. Benjamin Watkins Rawls, Sr. July 1955. (Much from the Porter Family Bible. In every record as shown in the early copy of the Porter Bible, Barsheba King married Benjamin Porter, but in several cases.

24 Bathsheba or Barsheba from the Porter Family Bible.

25 Periodical Births from South Quay Baptist Church Records Virginia Genealogical Quarterly VI, Number 1 Jan 1, 1968.

26 He supposedly owned a large part of what is now New York City. He was in the Revoluntionary War. Family relations and dates came from Solomon King Family Bible from the book: Bible Records of Nansemond Co., Va. VR929.3755 N158B.

27 1st wife of Bolden Riddick Doughtie was Cornelia Octavia Wiggins. Inez Daughtrey Hagen's wedding book indicates her grandmother to be Cornelia Octavia Wiggins Doughtie with her mother being Christian Harrell Wiggins (Skinner) (Doughtie) married to Willis.

28 E-Mail Message Ginny Layman Aug. 10, 2004 Clerk's Office Suffolk, Va.

29 Will Owen Hunt, Sr. Will Book 3, pages. 520, 521 Court House Building Rocky Mount, Va.

30 lists research of Angelena G. Moore ( as of Sept. 24, 2003. Ms. Moore indicates many specific dates for various events.

31 served in the Civil War in Nansemond Cavelry (13th Co J).

32 E-Mail Message Velma Shaw Beale Nov 1999 Velma Shaw Beale visited my web site and sent me corrected information on Effie Jane Daughtrey, husband, and children in Nov. 1999.

33 Web Site Velma Beale Beale Family July 3, 2000.

34 He owned Jenkins Mill and a tract of land owned formerly by Tom Jenkins Apparently the same land owned by his Grandfather Richard Daughtrey's brother Theopilus. T{heopilus' son's daughter (Harriet) married a Tom Jenkins (Jenkin's Mill). This mill/land.

35 killed in action at The Battle of 2nd Manasas.

36 no children.

37 had 7 children.


39 Buried at the BEALE CEMETERY The cemetery is located on highway 649, Country Club Road, 1/2 mile from route 641, Hunterdale Road in Southampton Co., Va.

40 served in Medical Corps in WWII.

41 Allie Beale D. Bowler presented much of this family history to Inez Daughtrey Hagen in 1959. It is being compiled and updated by Lindsey Bolling Hagen (son of Inez) during Xmas 1997. Allie lived at 2009 N. Kenmore St. in Arlington, VA in 1959.

42 Lindsey lived at Arch & Portland Streets in 1908 in Mechanicsburg, PA awhile before moving to Hanover Co, VA then Bensley, Chesterfield Co, VA prior to WWI.

43 named for a doctor who deliveried him.

44 in U. S. Navy during WWII - served on the air craft carriers: Antietam and Langley.

45 2 daughters.

46 3 children.

47 1 daughter.

48 never married.

49 mothered her young brother and sister after her mother's death, July 7, 1895. Kept house (at the peanut farm in Franklin?) for her father until his death at 92 in 1930.

50 not married, lived at old homeplace with sister Emily. Elmer graduated and taught at Elon College in North Carolina.

51 we called her Aunt Ola.

52 Jasper.

53 Ola Daughtrey, Letter to Ethel Daughtrey Ellis from Ola Daughtrey, ca 1970 (This letter names Ola's marriage date as well as her children and their dates of birth. Also included is her written record of her father's Civil War record. Many other family facts are given.)

54 Kathryn.

55 has 2 sons.

56 have 3 children.

57 ran a milliner store in Franklin, VA.


59 E-Mail Message Juanita Rawls Watterson Rawls Family History Feb. 15, 2004.


61 known as Cousin Puss.

62 killed in Civil War.

63 half sister to Christine Parker Rawls.

64 known as cousin Scrapp.

65 had a corn mill later called Jenkins Mill, see reference notes 49 and 12.

66 2918 Overton Rd. Richmond, VA 23228 as of 1992 phone book directory.

67 Vital Record Social Security Records 2002

68 E-Mail Message Lewis Bassham Daughtrey Family June 2001

69 served in the Navy during WWII (he is listed in the 1920 Va. census at the U.S. Naval Supply Base at Norfolk, Va. A picture of nephew Paul Derald Hagen, circa 1918, wearing a Navy blouse and cap supposedly beloging to Edwin. I have no evidence at this.

70 According to her brother, Lindsey, Jean was a bit of a free spirit. She went to California to live.

71 Census Census Pennsylvania 1860 Phoenixville, Chester Co. p616-61? from Mary Lou Hagen Taylor's letter.

72 Census Census Pennsylvania 1870 Lancaster City, Lancaster Co., 209 District, 7th Ward. p 406 from Mary Lou Hagen Taylor's letter.

73 Census Census Pennsylvania, Phoenixville, Chester Co. 1850 Page 082 Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va. August, 2001.

74 Charles was 6' 3'' while his brother was 5' 4'' see for details on parents. 1910 and 1920 Va. Census shows Charles L. Hagen from Pa. (wife Elizabeth P.) at the same age as Charles Hagen, son of Edwin I of Lancaster, Pa.

75 National Archives (Enlistment papers indicate age as 21 years 4 months on May 11, 1896).

76 Census 1880 Federal Census Ohio, Champaign, Urbanna, ED#31, page 435A and Page 436B image 53 and 56 of 82 Sept. 5, 2003.

77 Vital Record Death Certificates for David and Missouri Keil Sept. 4, 2003 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

78 Vital Record Marriage License and Certificate License: Feb. 3, 1908 / Certificate: Feb. 8, 1908 Lic: Cumberland Co., Pa. / Cert.: Harrisburg, Pa. Obtained from Cumberland Co., Historical Society in June 2004.

79 living at 21 E. Locust Street, Mechanicsburg, PA, Cumberland Co as of Jan 13, 1946.

80 Newspaper John Stahl Obituary The Evening Sentinel Carlisle, Pa. Aug. 11, 1941 2 Newspaper Cumberland County Historical Society.

81 Census North Carolina Census Gates County 1850 microfilm Virginia Room, Roanoke City (Va.)Library July 18, 2000.

82 Vital Record Pension Application for Disabled Cofederate Soldier July 10, 1926 research by Bo Hagen Jan. 22, 2000 Virginia State Library Archives.

83 Henning Smith Doughtie 6th Virginia Infantry, Company E, 2nd Lt. Transferred to Capt. Grandy's Artillery Battalion. Doughtie was born in 1835, the son of William H. and Elizabeth Smith Doughtie. He married Sarah Norfleet (1840-1929). He died in 1910 an.


85 Probate:9 JUN 1677; Isle of Wight Co., VA; Bk 2, pg. 146.

86 John Hardy came from England to VA before 1666, and probably before 1654. He received a grant for 1150 acres in 1666 in Isle of Wight Co., VA.

87 24th gen. desc. of Alfred 'The Great' 24th gen. desc. of Charlemagne.

88 Census Federal Census Chesterfield Co. 1870 June 16, 2003.

89 Census Federal Census Chesterfield Co., Virginia 1880 June 16, 2003.

90 Book Paul C. Bennetch of Denver Pa. Eberly Family History, 1700-1974.

91 Census Census Pittsylvania Co., Va 1850 Microfilm Roanoke City Library July 14, 1999.

92 Desmond Kendrick Archivist, Henry County, Virginia 276-632-1101 (email communication in Nov. 2004).

93 Book Death Records 1850-1890 Pittsylvania Co., Va July 14, 1999 Roanoke City Library.

94 Web Site Lionel Adkins, 2568 Blue Ball Road, Elkton, MD 21921; (410) 398-5509;; 1997 Sept 1999.

95 Book Ronnie Adkins Adkins Book 3540 South Georgetown Drive Montgomery, AL 36109-2232;(334)-272-3813;

96 Harry T. Adkins (Harry T. Adkins, grandson of Greenberry, writes in the 1950s about his family genealogy.)

97 Census Fed. Virginia Henry Co. 1850 Dec. 6, 2002.

98 Census Fed. Virgina Henry Co., (Breckinridge P.O.) 1860 Dec. 6, 2002.

99 Marty Mason 3313 Dana Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55305;

100 Cyndie King PO Box 612 Hoxie, KS 67740;; 1996

101 Teresa V. Helton Garcia; 1998

102 Much of the Daughtrey genealogy was written by Emily Christine Daughtrey.

103 Family Bible Hagen Family Bible Records for Eberly/Pearson/Hagen:early 1800 and 1900s Mary Lou Hagen Taylor Richmond, Va.

104 Web Site also MacInturff gedcom Latas Genealogy, Latas.ged, 2 Apr 1998 [via Family Origins] Spease, Rachel Keller, "A Keller History: Descendants of Hans Jacob Keller and.

105 Web Site

106 Book Slabaugh, John M., "Henry Landis Of Warwick and Manheim Townships, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania" [via Drp Family Tree].

107 Web Site Drp Family Tree (

108 Gedcom File from Jan 2000

109 Vital Record Civil War Pension Records Dec. 2002 invalid app# 768897 cert# 987465 widow app# 712139 widow Emma Rannels

110 CD ROM World Family Tree 2 V702_01 Bo(lling) Hagen using Family Tree Maker Software using ancestry of Edward Waters Hagen Broderbund Software, 1996 This WFT (Vol. 2) ancestry tree indicates Samuel Shirk's wife is Susan Mohler while Vol. 3 indicates.

111 Notes by Harry T. Adkins, Green Berry Adkins' grandson presented to his brother Ben Adkins who did some additional research ca 1975.

112 Web Site James C. Hankins Early Southside Virginia Families thru Spring 2002.


114 Letter Letter to Ethel Daughtrey Ellis from Robert Bruce Johnson March 1972 Copy of "The Hollands of Virginia" from James Truman Holland of Thomasville, Ga. Oct 1960.

115 Web Site Garrett Family June 2000.

116 E-Mail Message Shara (sharatree@charter.ner) Descendants of Thomas Garrett of Missouri (ca. 1850) July 2004.

117 Family Bible Garrett Family Bible I am told Clara Garrett has the bible.

118 Census Virginia Census Nansemond Co. 1860 Microfilm Roanoke City Library, Virginia Room July 7, 2000 Page 639.

119 E-Mail Message Elizabeth Doughtie Walker after visit to my web site ( Nov. 5, 2002.

120 Newspaper Death Notice New Era Lancaster, Pa. Sept. 30, 1889 Actual Paper Lancaster Historical Society.

121 E-Mail Message Jane Hagen Craig Explanations of the family of William Grant Hagen May 2004 Jane currently lives in Florida (

122 A December 12, 2003 telephone contact with great grand daughter of Edwin Walter Hagen I, Ann S. Hagen Zech, of Cleveland, Ohio confirmed her grand mother was called Pearl. She was found through a July 1, 1996 obituary listed in the The (Norfolk) Virginia.

123 Web Site New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-1924 Dec. 28, 2002.

124 Web Site Ellis Island Web Site Dec. 28, 2002.

125 Web Site North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 April 17, 2004.

126 E-Mail Message Tom Wortham May 28, 2001 Madisonville, Kentucky.

127 Web Site Bruce Saunders with confirmation by Brenda Myers, granddaughter of Ruth Knight Daughtrey September 2001.

128 E-Mail Message Brenda Myers, granddaughter of Ruth Knight Daughtrey Sept. 2001.

129 Census Federal Census Haslett Township, Gates Co., N.C. 1870 (recorded Aug. 6) image 15 of 24 page 33 Dec. 17, 2003 (Bo Hagen).

130 E-Mail Message Linda L. Kaser ( Research on her Hagen ancestry (David/Albert) Spring 2002-continued correspondence.

131 Census Census Pennsylvania, Reading, Ward 9, Berks Co. 1870 page 242, image 146 of 153 May 2002.

132 Census Census Pennsylvania, Reading, Berks Co., ED 57 June 11, 1880 page 402 image 47 of 64 Oct. 8, 2003.

133 Letter Young's United Methodist Church Yard April 29, 2004 Perry County Historians (Pa.)

134 Vital Record Lancaster Will Book May 7, 1841 Lancaster Co., Pa. S-1-497 July 24, 1841-wife Barbara and Isac Griss were named executors Lancaster Co. Pa. Historical Society.

135 A birth date ca 1770 is estimated based in part on data from the 1800, 1810, and 1820 fedaral census records of Martic Township, Lancaster Pa.

136 Census Census Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co., Martic Township 1850 pages 128-132/images 48-54 Spring 2002.

137 Census Census Pennsylvania, Reading, Ward 9, Berks Co., ED 74 April 21, 1910 sheet 9B page 18 of 30 October 8, 2003.

138 Berks Co., Pennsylvania Marriages, 1885-1929 viewed June 2004 at LeRoy:Vol. 43, pg 111/ George Jr.:Vol. 37, pg 582/ Ella B.:Vol. 663/ Viola:Vol. 76, pg 211/ Harry:Vol. 28, pg 422/ Albert R.:Vol. 37, pg 53/.

139 Census Federal Lancaster, Pa 1880 Jan. 2003.

140 Marriage Bonds of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1858 page 53 Campbell, Peter and Lucy Jarrett,Oct. 2, 1809. Sur. Young Jarrett. 7.


142 Interview Leo McMahon (son) Nov. 24, 2002 Bo Hagen Salem, Va.

143 Book Original from Cambria County Historical Society Library, Edensburg, Pa. Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, Pa. Sketch on Samuel Alexander Reprint Company Publisher, 1985 from 1903 Edition II 574, 575.

144 Web Site LDS Personal Ancestral File (search on Charlie Belcher) BELCHER.ged Dec. 6, 2002.

145 Census Federal Census New York City/Manhattan/District 878 1930 Dec. 27, 2002.

146 Census Federal Census Virginia, Northumberland Co., ED 97, Visit 11 1910 Dec. 29, 2002.

147 Interview Benkelman Family Genealogy June 19, 2004 Bo Hagen Scottie Benkelman Pritchard at Adkins Reunion Elk Creek, Grayson Co., Va.

148 Web Site Family Data Collection-Individual Records data base March 2004.

149 E-Mail Message Melissa Klanecky Great Grand Daughter of Jacob Edward Daughtrey May 2004 Melissa currently lives in Bowling Green, Va.

150 Special Research A web listing for North Carolina deaths, 1976-1977, lists Gustave Adolphus Wetzel and Grace Longden Wetzel which was used to record birth and death dates. Taken from data base June 2004.

151 Interview Young Family Genealogy Bo Hagen June 19, 2004 Lee Young at Adkins Reunion Elk Creek, Grayson Co., Va.

152 Census 1910 Federal Census Elkland Township, Tuscola Co., Michigan May 13, 1910 John A. Benkelman was the census taker ED#112, page 131A June 2004.

153 Letter: Richard A. Hagen Obituary Reading, Pa. Public Library/Reference Department June 26, 2004 Follow up telephone call to sister Kathleen Hagen Lichtenwalner on Oct 23, 2004 census research.

154 (From an email
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 21:30:27
From: Barry Lodge <>
Subject: Parthenia Chalkley
Barry Lodge).

155 Interview Robert F. Hill Family July 3, 2004 Bo Hagen Nancy & Leo McMahon/Salem, Va.

156 Vital Record Louisiana Statewide Death Index, 1900-1949 July 6, 2004

157 Web Site The Lawrence Register Genealogical and Historical Website July 5, 2004.

158 Sandra Hodges Hagen.

159 Desmond Kendrick Archivist, Henry County, Virginia 276-632-1101 (email communication in Nov. 2004), Desmond sited her middle name of Gilly.

160 JOEY KENT <>, Email from Joey Kent regarding Adkins family ancestry received Dec 18, 2007 (see notes on David Kent for contents of the email).

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