Anthony Minter Sr.
(Cir 1665-Cir 1750)
Anthony Minter Jr.
(Cir 1715-Cir 1812)


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Elizabeth Jane

Anthony Minter Jr.

  • Born: Cir 1715
  • Marriage: Elizabeth Jane
  • Died: Cir 1812 at age 97

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from: Minters of Henry County by Donald W. Chamberlayne :
Minter Notes
Notes Pertaining to Some Descendants of Anthony Minter of Caroline County, Virginia
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last updated May 20, 2007
compiled by Donald W. Chamberlayne <>
1 Progenitors <minchart.htm> Anthony and Elizabeth Minter of Caroline County, Va.
A major source of documentary evidence regarding Anthony and his family, probably the major source, is the work of Dorotha Riddle Marsh, on the descendants of William Julius Riddle, an immigrant to Virginia from Scotland, and his wife Nancy Elizabeth (Minter) Riddle. In 1981 she published Branches of One Riddle Family Tree, and in 1987 a supplemental volume of source documents drawn from court records of several counties that were integral to her research. (Citation in list of sources <sources.htm>).
For persons lacking access to the hard-to-find Marsh volumes, this compiler included, descendency listings by others citing her work have been crucial. Especially valuable has been the work of June Bowman, posted online through the webpages of a group of her family members under the heading "Dellinger, Mallory & Others" at Mrs. Bowman and her nephew Marvin Dellinger constitute the persons to contact <sources.htm> for anyone wishing to pursue this line further.
Drawing from "Dellinger, Mallory & Others," with reference to Marsh's book on the Riddles, the fundamental source of information concerning Anthony Minter and his family is his will, which was "presented in court 14 Nov 1751 by Elizabeth Minter." [Marsh, 1981, B2, p.259]. Except for daughter Nancy Elizabeth, the dates of birth for Anthony and his children, where known, are also from the will [June Bowman, email, Jan-29-2007]. Presumably this is also the source of the name Elizabeth as his wife. Anthony's date of birth is said to have been "about 1685." The Dellinger-Mallory listings also say that Anthony is thought to have moved to Caroline County "about 1730." If true, this casts doubt on Caroline County as the birthplace of his children, as has been stated in a number of places.
Listings posted by Minter researchers have identified as many as eight children of Anthony and Elizabeth. Presumably, most of their names appeared in their father's will, and perhaps in other records as well. Eight are included here, but substantiation is incomplete, and most of what is known apparently derives from the research by Marsh.
The single greatest deficiency in the available information on the family, at least as is known to this researcher, is that his wife we know only as Elizabeth. Not even her maiden name is known, much less anything of her origins.

Descendants of Anthony and Elizabeth Minter
2A <minchart.htm> Nancy Elizabeth (Minter) Riddle
Nancy's approximate date of birth, "about 1713," is from June Bowman, who cites a Mr. John M. Jordan who is no longer reachable at the email address given. From William and Nancy (Minter) Riddle an extensive descendancy has been traced and can be examined at Ken Storm's website <sources.htm> (See Note 1 above). Nancy is said to have died "about 1787" (K.Storm, documentary source unknown).
2C <minchart.htm> John Oliver Minter
By all known accounts, John Oliver Minter [2], the second son of Anthony and Elizabeth, was born in 1718. Where he was born is unknown but very likely he grew up in Caroline County. About the late 1740s, he married Elizabeth Michaux Morgan of Cumberland County. Her ancestry traced to the early Jamestown era on her father's side and to Amsterdam and France, via the Huguenot exodus from France of the late 17th century, on her mother's side. An account of this lineage by this author was published in December, 2006 in a Minter family newsletter described below.
According to Dellinger, John bought land in Cumberland County in 1763, and in a court document there in 1769, his wife Elizabeth and three children were mentioned. John acquired a 54-acre tract in Bedford County, the deed dated August 27, 1770 (copy courtesy of Bob White). In 1772 he moved to Chatham County, NC where he purchased 500 acres from his nephew, Jeremiah Minter, son of Anthony, Jr.
One of the sons of John and Elizabeth was Joseph [3], born about 1750 in Cumberland. Joseph moved as a young man with his family about 1772 to Chatham County, NC, where he married Frances "Fannie" Hill. A son of Joseph and Fannie was John Morgan Minter [4], born in 1792, who married Dorothy Brooks Mathis. They settled in Georgia, first in Hancock County and later in Marion County where he was a representative to both houses of the Georgia legislature.
In 1855, some three years after his wife's passing, John and some of his grown children moved to Hopkins County, Texas. He died the following year, but two of his sons remained in what became known as the "Pine Forest" area (about 20 miles east of Dallas), and from them has descended an extensive and highly "connected" family who call themselves the "Minters of Pine Forest."
This family network is connected through "The Minters of Pine Forest Family Association" and its extraordinary newsletter, "News of the Minters of Pine Forest," and through a family website which includes photographs, family news and history, anecdotes, remembrances, and the like, as well as an outline of a book in progress on the history of the family. The prime mover behind all this is a descendant of one of two brothers, Thomas J. Minter [9], of Ohio. A good place to start to learn more about this line is <>.
2D <minchart.htm> Richard Minter
Richard Minter [2], third son of Anthony and Elizabeth of Caroline County, is said to have been born about 1722. The original, best source on this date, however, is not known, although it likely was Marsh. What is believed to be true of this line comes primarily from two descendants of Richard: Ken Storm [9], and Jim Taylor [7], as well as the Dellinger-Mallory group, whose principal source was Marsh.
Richard married Martha Scruggs, June 27, 1757, in Goochland County, Va. [Marsh, p.262]. Also, he "bought land in Cumberland Co., Va. in March 1765 & remained in Va. In his will, on file in Powhatan Co., Va., he named his brother Anothony Minter as Administrator of his estate." [Marsh via Dellinger-Mallory group] Again from Marsh, his death is said to have been "about 1785" in Powhatan County.
Ken Storm lists four children, one of whom was given the name Scruggs, his birth date some time after 1758. About 1810, Scruggs Minter married Catherine Anderson, whose year of birth, according to Storm, was "about 1787," which implies that Scruggs was considerably older than his wife. They and many of their descendants farmed in Fluvanna County, Va., adjacent to and west of Cumberland County.
A son of Scruggs and Catherine was Willis Scruggs Minter [4], born 1819-20. The 1850 census listed him as age 30, a cooper by occupation, "Willis S." Minter by name. Later censuses gave his occupation as farmer. Willis married twice and had two families of considerable size. His first wife, Lucy Ann Anderson, born 1818-19, bore six children. After her death about 1874, Willis married Mariah Louisa Baltimore, of Fluvanna County, who was born in 1852, and was thus considerably younger than her husband. There were seven children born of this marriage. The second oldest of them was Katie B. Minter [5], born in 1879, who was the grandmother of Jim Taylor of Virginia, the person to contact <sources.htm> for further discussion and exchange of information on this line. Jim is nearing completion of a book on his family and its ancestry (as of January, 2007).
2G <minchart.htm> Joseph Minter
Joseph Minter, born probably about 1730, married Anna Mariah Gooch of Caroline County. They resided for a time in Granville County, NC, and eventually settled in South Carolina in the area which became Edgefield County, near Columbia and Augusta. Among several strong Internet-based sources on this line, and the Gooch family in general, is <>. From this source: "Anna Mariah married first Joseph Minter, probably in Caroline County, Virginia. The loss of records in Caroline obscures further information on this topic; however, the presence of an Anthony Minter in Caroline suggest that Joseph had kin in that county and we know from the Caroline Order Book and her father's will that Anna Mariah's family came from Caroline."

2BTrunkLine <minchart.htm>Anthony Minter, Jr.
A copy of the will of Anthony, Jr. was made available by Becky Whittemore of Utah, whose contributions regarding her branch of the Minter family are discussed in Note 4H. Dated January 27, 1808, proven in court in Cumberland County October 21, 1812, the will identified nine children, five of them still living in 1808, plus several grandchildren, and at least one great-grandson. It also listed twenty-one slaves bequeathed by Anthony to his children or their heirs.
Regarding Anthony's real property, the will called for the executors to "rent out to the best advantage my tract of land and Plantation where on I now live together with my Distilary for the benefit and Support of my son Jeremiah Minter during his natural life...."
That Anthony may not have known where his son Jeremiah was at the time was implied in a stipulation concerning the action to take if he, the son Jeremiah, failed to appear to claim his inheritance:
Item: my will and desire is that if my son Jeremiah Minter does not come in and call for his legacy as here to fore mentioned in this my will and testament in the course of Eighteen months then my Executors is to sell my land and plantation and distribute the money arising there from.... [to other beneficiaries]. And should Jeremiah call after the Expiration of the Eighteen months before mentioned his heirs then to receive fifty pounds only out of my Estate." Dellinger cites evidence (apparently from Marsh via Bowman) that Jeremiah bought land in Chatham County from his sister Nancy and her husband, William Julius Riddle, in 1769, then sold it to his uncle, John Oliver Minter, three years later. He also says Jeremiah never married, that he served for a time in the local militia, that a court of Chatham County in 1791 declared him insane, and that he was so declared again in 1804, which was several years before his father's will was written.
Anthony's only other living son, John, of Henry County, was bequeathed " Bay horse Saddle and bridle," and of him there is no further mention. Anthony appointed as executors of his will "... my son Jeremiah Minter my two sons in law William Leake and Tarleton Layne and my grandson Gabriel Minter...." Thus, John was not named as an executor while Jeremiah was, despite the matter of his "insanity," as well as the question of whether he would appear to claim his legacy.
According to Storm, another son of Anthony and Elizabeth, named Gabriel, married Nancy Thrailkill, and they had a son, Gabriel, Jr., who married Nancy Cosby and was the grandson Gabriel named as one of the executors of Anthony's will. A son of Gabriel, Jr. was the great-grandson, Josiah Minter, mentioned in Anthony's will. The first Gabriel was not identified in the will, presumably because he was deceased.
The date of Anthony's birth, "about 1715," has been attributed to Dorotha Riddle Marsh by Dellinger and others (Note 1). This date puts him at about 97 when he died in 1812. According to Marsh (via those who cited her), there were a number of land transactions between Minters and Riddles, as well as a marriage which led to a very large descendancy [K.Storm], that of Nancy Elizabeth Minter, eldest daughter of Anthony and Elizabeth Minter, to William Julius Riddle, an immigrant from Scotland, born about 1708. Numerous Minter researchers have quoted (or paraphrased) the same lines, apparently from Marsh, as follows:
Anthony [Jr.] bought land in Cumberland Co., Va. in Nov 1749, then went to Chatham Co. NC where he purchased 148 acres of land by Cape Fear River in Dec 1771 from James Riddle & wife Temperance & James Riddle's mother Elizabeth Riddle. While Anthony engaged in land transactions in North Carolina, and some of his children, as well as his siblings, relocated there, it is not clear that he ever resided there, and later documents show him in Cumberland County or, after 1777, in the newly-formed Powhatan County. His will assigned land in North Carolina to the heirs of his son William, who had been in possession of it prior to his death about 1796 (the date of his will). Thus, it seems reasonable to presume that Anthony purchased the land for his son, who presumably took charge of it about 1772 or soon thereafter, suggesting that he might have "come of age" about that time, and thus was likely born about the mid-1750s.
Again from the Dellinger-Mallory group [Marsh], during the Revolution, Anthony "furnished beef, wheat, & flour to troops," and in 1788 he "signed an oath" in Powhatan County indicating his support of the Constitution of the United States (i.e., voted to ratify).
The major question remaining in regard to Anthony Minter, Jr. pertains to his wife, Elizabeth Jane, whose maiden surname is unknown. It can only be hoped that any reader knowing anything about her will get in touch and help us out. Perhaps further research in Caroline County, if not already exhausted, might tell us something about her, but it is possible that any historical record of her is among the lost documents of the time.


Anthony married Elizabeth Jane. (Elizabeth Jane died circa 1787.)

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