Thomas Savage
(Cir 1785-After 1820)
Christian Cole
(Cir 1785-After 1820)
John Thomas Harrell
(Cir 1790-Cir 1828)
Margaret "Peggy" Savage
(1803-After 1870)
Christian Harrell


Family Links

1. Willis W. Wiggins The Younger

2. William Henry Skinner
3. John A. Doughtie

Christian Harrell 27

  • Born: 1827, Nansemond Co, VA.
  • Marriage (1): Willis W. Wiggins The Younger circa 1845
  • Marriage (2): William Henry Skinner circa 1850 in Nansemond Co, VA
  • Marriage (3): John A. Doughtie on 17 Dec 1857 in Nansemond Co, VA
  • Died: 19 Jul 1885, Nansemond Co, VA. at age 58
  • Buried: Liberty Springs Christian Church Cemetery, Nansemond Co., VA

bullet  General Notes:

Inez Daughtrey Hagen's wedding book indicates her grandmother to be Cornelia Octavia Wiggins Doughtie with Cornelia's mother being "Christian Harrell Wiggins (Skinner) (Doughtie)" married to Willis Wiggins. I supposed that Cornelia's mother's maiden name was Skinner, however, in an April 1973 letter from Octavia Holland to Ethel Daughtrey Ellis, it is related that research from Bobby Jones gathered from Edenton, N.C. and Nansemond Co. Court Houses, indicates Christian Harrell Wiggins is Cornelia O. Wiggins' mother. From research done by Ginny Doughtie Layman "on the way back to my son's in Franklin, we stopped at the Portsmouth Library to check out some Nansemond County death records someone had copied at the VA State Library" sent to me via email Sept 4, 2004: Doughtie, Christian; white; female; Died July 17, 1885; Died Nansemond Co.; Cause of death Billious Colic; Age 64 Yrs.; Parents Margaret and Riddick Harrell; Born Nansemond Co.; Consort of James T. Doughtie; Name of person giving information B.R. Doughtie; Designation of informant son in law. (Note ... bilious colic: bilious pertains to an ailment of the bile or liver resulting in headache, indigestion, nausea, etc. supposed to be caused by an abnormal liver-- likely gall bladder disease or stones) Also included in the email: C.O. [Cornelia Octavia] Doughtie; white; female; Died Feb 10, 1894 in Nansemond Co.; Cause of death unknown; Age 47 Yrs.; Parents Willis & Ann Skinner; Born Nansemond Co.; Occupation Housekeeper; Consort of B.R. Doughtie; Name of person giving information B.R. Doughtie; Designation of informant husband. ... The above "Doughtie, Christian ... Consort of James T. Doughtie" is either a transcription error, dictation error, or lapse by the giver in that various other records document James T. Doughtie, brother of Bolden R. Doughtie, married Caroline Daughtrey Gardner ... while John Doughtie, of Gates Co., NC, definitely married, or was the consort of, Christian Skinner. The above record "C.O. [Cornelia Octavia] Doughtie ... Parents Willis & Ann Skinner" is most likely a similar error explained by Willis [Wiggins] as the father who died when Cornelia was very young and Ann is a diminutive of Christian. The "Pierce" surname recorded in the 1850 census shown below is still an unexplained conundrum.

Census records pose an interesting senario. The Federal Census for 1850, Nansemond Co., VA, page 193B, dated November 4, 1850 indicates a household of William H. Skinner (23 - Nansemond Co., Va.) and Christian Skinner (25 - Nansemond Co., Va.) with children Ann S. Pierce (5 - Nansemond Co., Va.) and Cornelia Pierce (3 - Nansemond Co., Va.). Also in the household are Sarah Baker (30 - Nansemond Co., Va.), John Dunford (60 - Nansemond Co., Va.), and Charlotte Dunford (52 - Nansemond Co., Va.). William and Christian could be brother and sister or husband and wife ... but what about the Pierce children? By looking at the 1860 census records (see below) for Nansemond Co., you can conclude that these are actually Cornelia and Ann Wiggins, but the Pierce name is unexplained at this time. Christian obviously marries John Doughtie around 1858 and appears to have had a child by William Skinner: Garie O. (Ophelia) Skinner (see 1860 census records below).

The Virginia Census for 1860, Nansemond Co. Page 639, indicates a household of John H. Doughtie (age 27, born in N.C.), Christian Doughtie (38), Ann M. Wiggins (14), and Cornelia Wiggins (12), Garie O. Skinner (7), and Clotilda Baker (54). The slave census schedule of 1860 indicates that John owns 4 slaves, although he is not particularly wealthy with real estate valued at just $1,200 and personal proerty at $1,300. The 1860 Slave Schedule records John A. Doughtie with 4 slaves: (F-24, M-10, F-4, and F-1).

It should be noted that the 1850 Federal Census for Gates Co., N.C. page 27B, dated August 28, 1850 records John Doughtie (18 - N.C.) living in the home of Blake Baker Jr [Blake Baker (37 - NC) and his wife Mary I. Baker (21 - NC) and children James T. Baker (6) - NC), Almidia Baker (4 - NC), and Robert W. Baker (2 - NC). Also in the household is Missouri Umfleet (13)]. Next door is Blake Baker Sr (77 - NC) with others, and a few pages over (29B) is Clotilda Baker (45 - N.C.) who appears in the 1860 census living with John and Christian Doughtie. Nearby are sisters Cornelia (6 - N.C.) and Ann R. (4 - N.C.) Wiggins. While these sisters are good candidates for Christian's daughters, they can be followed in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records for Gates Co. and are thus not Christian's daughters living in Nansemond Co, Va. The appearance of Garie O. Skinner in the 1860 census record indicates that Christian was married to William Skinner and had a daughter by him. This is why Inez's wedding book lists Cornelia's mother as Christian Harrell Wiggins Skinner Doughtie with Skinner and Doughtie in "( )". The John Doughtie and Clotilda Baker of the 1850 Gates Co., N.C. Census appear with Christian [Skinner] Doughtie in the 1860 census of Nansemond Co., Va. The 1850 census listing (above) for Ann and Cornelia Pierce remains a mystery. Perhaps Christian was really a Pierce and had two children by Willis Wiggins.

See research notes on her husband, Willis Wiggins the younger ...

The Virginia Census for 1870, Cypress Chapel, Nansemond Co. Page 210B, indicates a household of Christian Doughtie (48), Ann M. Wiggins (22), Cornelia O. Wiggins (20), Garafelia Skinner (18), and Clotilda Baker (60). Civil War records reveal John H. Doughtie served the Confederacy but was killed during the war. Also in the 1870 Census, a few pages over from Christian Doughtie and family (page 212B), is Margaret Byrd (67) living with William F. Miltier, wife Mary A. (36) and children William L. (15), Josephine (14), Francis P. (11), Martha E. (7), Mary E. (5), Beulah B. (3), not named (8/12). This Margarett Byrd is also living with the William F. Miltier family in 1860. I suspect this Margaret Byrd is Christian's mother (Cornelia's Grandmother - Peggy Savage Harrell Byrd) because family stories always stated "Mary Etta and Cornelia were first cousins". Inez Daughtrey Hagen related that "We called her Cousin Ett" referring to B.R. Doughtie's 2nd wife, Etta Miltier. According to Inez, Etta's grand mother was Margaret Harrell Savage, married to a Dempsy Byrd.

It is of interest that in the 1870 Federal Census, Bolden Doughty (sic), future husband of Cornelia Wiggins and then Mary Etta Miltier, is listed in his parent's home, one page over from William F. Miltier and family, including Mary Etta, in the Cyress Chapel District of Nansemond Co., Va.

From Virginia Deaths and Burials Index <>
Christian Doughtie [Christian Harrell]
Birth Date: abt 1821
Birth Place: Nansemond County, Virginia
Death Date: 19 Jul 1885
Death Place: Nansemond County, Virginia
Death Age: 64
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Female
Father Name: Riddick Harrell
Mother Name: Margaret Harrell
Spouse Name: James T Doughtie
FHL Film Number: 2048578

Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 20:34:14 -0400
From: "Fred D. Taylor" <>
Subject: Christian Doughtie
To: "L. Bolling Hagen" <>
Nansemond County
Deed Book 2, p. 437
- (Jan. 12, 1871) A land deed of sale from Christian Doughtie and Ann Melissa Wiggins. The deed states that Christian Doughtie had a right of dowery (essentially, a wife's portion of the estate) in the estate of Willis W. Wiggins, and that Ann Melissa Wiggins was one of the legal heirs of the estate. They sold their portion to "Borland R. Doughtie."

Deed Book 4, p. 507
- (Dec. 4, 1875) This was a deed basically clearing up the title to a piece of land owned by Christian Doughtie, and notes she was formerly Christian Skinner. The way it is written the deed is being conveyed by Edwin Smith, as the commissioner of the estate of William Henry Skinner. It states that Smith had been appointed in 1855 (so that's presumably when Skinner passed), and that Christian bought the land from the estate, but that due to the court fire in 1866, the title was unclear. This deed cleared that up.

Deed Book 8, p. 504
- (Sept. 17, 1880) This is a gift of land from Christian Doughtie to Cornelia Octavia Doughtie and Garrie Ophelia Norfleet. This seems to prove my theory in the previous e-mail that Garrie Ophelia married a Norfleet, and that the tomsbtone transcription from the website had incorrectly listed Christian as a Norfleet in the Liberty Springs records.

bullet  Research Notes:

From: "Fred D. Taylor" <>
Subject: Family Research Update
To: "L. Bolling Hagen" <> Bo,
Date: April 1, 2009

I finally had a chance yesterday to get out to both Liberty Springs and to the court house again.

At Liberty Springs, my assumptions were confirmed as to the grave of Christian Harrell. She is there within the Norfleet lot, and shares a common stone with John E. Norfleet, Garrie Ophelia, their children, and John Norfleet's parents. I am attaching some pictures of the site, and you will see on the same side of the stone with "Christian Doughtie" is also "Rachael Norfleet" (John's mother). The stone is covered with moss, and needs a good cleaning (another project), so it's a little hard to read.

At the court house, I furthered my research and uncovered the following:

1. Marriage license of John E. Norfleet and Garriophelia Skinner, married on November 17, 1870. This lists her parents as William H. Skinner and Christian, his wife.

2. Marriage license of Willis H. Austin and Ann M. Wiggins, married on November 2, 1873. This lists her parents as Willis Wiggins and Christian, his wife.

3. Finally, here's the real gem: Nansemond County Deed Book 5, page 477. This is a deed made August 3, 1876, between Christian Doughtie and Willis Henry Austin. The gist of the deed is that Willis Austin will provide board, medical care, clothing, etc. to Christian Doughtie, and in exchange, Christian is deeding him 220 acres within the Cypress District. Also, at the time of Christian's death, Willis is to pay daughters Cornelia Doughtie and Garreophelia Norfleet in the amount of $130. The deed also notes that Cornelia is the daughter of Christian's first husband, Willis W. Wiggins, and notes that Christian has been married three times.

So, between the marriage records and deed, I think we are a little closer to sorting out all of the issues between parents, multiple names, etc. One thing I will note on this deed, for whatever reason, they canceled it several months later (Deed Book 5, p. 502), and the property was reconveyed to Christian.

I had hoped to make a copy all of this, but it's in the bound deed books and they will not let you xerox these. What I may end up doing is taking my laptop over there one day and transcribing these records. They're just way too lengthy to hand write, and full of useless legalese, so that's why I just copied down the important parts.


Fred D. Taylor
2700 N. Nansemond Drive
Suffolk, Virginia 23435-1522

**************************************** [image 144 of 149] - 1882 court case over wood cut from Wiigins Tract of Land
From Virginia Chancery records Testimony of Geo W. Skinner, "another witness being duly sworn and saith as follows" when asked if he is "related to Mrs. Doughtie and Mrs. Austin, the wives of the defendents?" - "We have no relationship by blodd. My brother married their mother." [Note: Mrs. Doughtie - Cornelia Wiggins and Mrs. Austin - Ann Wiggins - are daughters of Willis Wiggins and Christian Harrell. At the death of Willis smoe 35 years ago, Christian married William Skinner.]

Library of Virginia, Chancery Records Index
Dated November 13, 1871 - Will of Joshua Bryant
image 11 of 149 describes property as "being the same [land] more of less, adjoining the land of William D. Rodgers, Willis Wiggins heirs Thomas Savage George W. Skinner and others" ... of course, Willis Wiggins was the husband of Christian Harrell while Thomas Savage was the 1st husband of Chrisitan's mother, and George Skinner is the brother of Christian's former husband, William Skinner.
image 11 of 149 describes property as "on the west of the Wiggins tract belonging to Doughtie and others" ... Doughtie being Bolden R Doughtie, husband of Cornelia Wiggins, daughter and heir of Willis Wiggins.


Christian married Willis W. Wiggins The Younger, son of Willis Wiggins The Elder and Cherry (Charity), circa 1845. (Willis W. Wiggins The Younger was born circa 1814 in Nansemond Co, VA. and died circa 1848 in Nansemond Co, VA.)


Christian next married William Henry Skinner, son of Living and Martha Henderson, circa 1850 in Nansemond Co, VA. (William Henry Skinner was born circa 1827 in Virginia and died on 9 Jun 1853 in Nansemond Co, VA..)


Christian next married John A. Doughtie, son of Nathaniel Doughtie and Susan Baker, on 17 Dec 1857 in Nansemond Co, VA. (John A. Doughtie was born circa 1832 in Gates Co, NC and died on 30 Dec 1863 in Point Lookout Prison, Maryland.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940
Groom: John A. Doughty
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birth Date: 1822
Marriage Date: 17 Dec 1857
Marriage Place: Nansemond, Virginia
Groom's Father: Nathaniel Doughty
Groom's Mother: Susan
Spouse: Christian Skinner
Bride's Father: Riddick Harrell
Bride's Mother: Margaret
FHL Film Number: 2048463
Reference ID: 128

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